Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wake up, They are taking away our Bill Of Rights

Our Bill Of Rights are slowly being taken away from us. We have to keep a keen eye on the Congress. There is a bill that will force everyone owning a hand gun to register it with, not the State, that now control the issuing of permits, to the Feds.
Does anyone remember a guy named Hitler? After he had all of the guns , in private hands, registered. He then went out to collect them. I want all this left in the hands of the State Governments to issue permits.
How do you think that this is going to help with gun crime? After all, the gang bangers are not going to rush out to fill out their Federal permits? Right now I have a carry permit, with my picture on it and a thumb print. That is all we need. Just read and watch this.
Yours Iwasafuz

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