Friday, April 17, 2009

The 40 year Drug War

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I am a 63 year old Retired Police Officer. I suffered a serious line of duty injuries. 27 operations latter, I now find myself with operations that are failing and I am in chronic pain. I have rods in my back and neck. Along dealing with the pain, there is depression.

I have been using for the last 15 years. I am also an artist and there are times that I cannot focus due to the pain, even while using prescription medication. Smoking or eating it, helps me focus on my art work. It helps keeping the depression under control. All of my doctors are informed about my usage and they have no problem with it. The American people must rent "Americas' Drug war". You will see there just how our Government has lied to us and are responsible for the importation of the REAL BAD drugs for making their way into this country, through the CIA and their Black ops.
Prohibition NEVER works. Control, ie. Tobacco and Alcohol are prime examples. Think about it for a moment. Hundreds of users of Heroin, Cocaine and Crystal Meth(the next plague) die every and no one can point to any death occurring from the use of cannabis. One more fact, There has been no arrests of major drug dealers who are flying and bringing that poison into our Country. Those drugs cannot be grown in this country. No money launders or banks that launder the massive amounts of drug money are being brought to trial. But in Texas, they will lock you up for being possession of a single joint and they will wind up doing time that is unreal. Obama has smoked , by his own admission and he managed to become, The President of the United States!
We The People, must get off of our asses and let our voices heard about this issue. It is California's' largest cash crop of the State. If they would just decriminalize it and then tax it, would bring MILLIONS into the coffers of the State. Then take all of the manpower from chopping down plants in the woods, then burning it while they stand downwind. It would make less accessible to our children. Drug dealers do not ask for ID. If you had to buy it as we buy Liquor, we now control its' sales. All other laws that apply to giving alcohol to under age individuals would apply. Driving laws are already in place as to driving under the influence. All we are doing now is supporting the private prison system . Wake up America. This is only one issue. They are chipping away at our Bill Of Rights, a little at a time.


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